Increase Energy, Decrease Stress

What do poor dietary habits, overuse of medication, unnatural amounts of prolonged stress, decreased nutritional value in foods, and an increasingly toxic environment all have in common?  They are all ways in which our bodies are depleted of B vitamins.  Without an adequate amount of B vitamins in our bodies, we are setting ourselves up for depression, fatigue, chronic illnesses, digestive issues, sleeplessnes, weight problems…B vitamins are essential for an astonishing array of life functions! In fact, the nervous, endocrine, nor metabolic systems can function effectively without B vitamins.

Since many people’s digestive systems are compromised, simply taking any B supplement may not be an effective or useful strategy. To truly experience the power of B vitamins, I recommend Phyto B Complex with Rhodiola Rosea Extract. This particular formula uses the biologically active forms of an array of B vitamins, making them more easily absorbable by the body, which is essential to ensure the body can utilize the nutrients it receives and effectively cope with emotional and physical stressors.

Rhodiola rosea is actually one of the few herbs where case studies indicate genuine effectiveness with extensive scientific research to support its benefits.  This adaptogenic herb works synergystically with the B vitamins to support and nourish the nervous and endocrine systems, by helping the body to adapt to its environment.  With greater balance in the nervous and endocrine systems, there is greater normalization of hormone production and regulation, which ultimately affects all organs in the body.

As a whole, Phyto B Complex assists the body to maintain normal energy levels, elevate mood, promote normal immune function, support normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, and help ease occasional stress and sleeplessness. As a bonus, these vitamins may also help promote healthy hair, skin, and nails.  If you think you may benefit from a B vitamin supplement, please come in for a visit and talk to me!