Lyme Disease

Lyme disease can be very difficult to treat because of how quickly it spreads, its ability to mask itself in the body, and because of the vast array of symptoms it causes. A person with Lyme could feel fine for years, forget they ever had a tick bite, then suffer an onslaught of seemingly mysterious symptoms. Therefore, many people may not seek medical treatment. And yet, many others who experience debilitating symptoms may find no relief due to misdiagnosis or dismissal. While antibiotics can be helpful for some, it cannot address all issues, due to the disease’s ability to morph and intelligently hide in the body. It could simply cause your body to go into remission, and then pop up again with even worse symptoms down the road. A BioEnergetic assessment has the ability to look at all co-factors associated with Lyme disease and design a protocol for you and your unique symptoms.