I have known Sheila for quite some time. She has played a substantial role in helping me find a healthy balance in my life. Sheila treats the whole person…mind, body and spirit.

I have had many life changing experiences with Sheila. One very significant event was getting off an anti- anxiety medication. It took time but with patience and perseverance I was able to stop using the medication completely and replace it with a holistic remedy. Using these remedies alleviates the fear of becoming drug dependent as well as concerns about side effects and drug interactions.

Sheila is very knowledgeable and passionate about her approach. I can’t praise her enough!”


I have struggled with cat allergies all my life. After working with Sheila it was almost instantaneous relief! She used homeopathy and inverted it; within days no more itchy eyes and difficulty breathing. Thank you Sheila!”


My son’s doctor sent us to Sheila almost three years ago. Working with her has resulted in improved health for my son as well as an education for me. The non-invasive testing and the easy to take homeopathic remedies are wonderful. Sheila’s ability to find and address an underlying lymes infection has been key to improving my son’s health. This is something that a typical MD could not have done for us. Sheila is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. She is a parent that can relate to the stresses and needs of her patients. I have recommended Sheila to many of my friends.”


I was first introduced to Sheila Reed in 2009 when my son had been diagnosed with ADHD, tics and anxiety. I was overwhelmed and frustrated knowing I did not want to put drugs into my nine year olds body. From that day, we started our journey towards the holistic path of healing. Sheila guided us through the process of understanding “homotoxicology”. My son is a different child now; it took patience and understanding to go through this process. I know now it was the right descision as he is living a normal and healthy life.”


I met Sheila through a Facebook friend in the autism community. My 5 year old with ASD was having a lot of trouble. She was in pain and miserable. From the moment I talked to Sheila on the phone I knew we would be in good hands. Through homotoxicology we have been able to remove the heavy metals and viruses in her system. We have healed her gut, we are able to manage yeast flares and whatever else maybe thrown at us. Sheila makes herself available to us all the time. She is always a fb message, text, email or phone call away. She truly cares about her patients and their families. Homotoxicology has made a HUGE difference in our lives. My daughter is happy, and making amazing strides. I am so very thankful for this method of healing and for Sheila’s expertise.”

Jenn Kaplan

I met Sheila Ring Reed September 2010 on the internet, where Facebook mothers were chatting about their children with disabilities. We were discussing toxins, food and allergies.

We quickly developed a relationship through like-minded views. My son Ty, who is currently 9, was DX with Autism at age 3. Ty was already seeing a homeopath from a neighboring city. I had read testimonies on Sheila’s page, just as you are reading now. It was then I decided to ask my friend of 6 months if she would like to take on Ty as a client.

Ty’s experience with homeopathy and biomedical was difficult. It left him progressing but with detox symptoms that had him hyper and stressed. Ty would chew holes in his shirts, a behavior that he did not have before homeopathic treatment. My son Ty had a reaction to the MMR vaccine at age 2, his arm ballooned with a hard lump that was golf ball sized. This lump was red and hot to the touch for two weeks. Ty’s mannerisms changed along with his disposition, he was no longer a happy little guy. When I heard of Homotoxicology I was excited but worried. I thought detoxing those vaccines would be rough. What I found while working with Sheila, is when your body is fully supported, these detox symptoms were minimal or non-existent. With each remedy, Ty became the child I knew he was meant to be.

His sensory issues were greatly reduced, and with one particular remedy he became potty trained the second week of starting it. Ty then became fully potty trained at age five with just a single remedy his body had required.

I have entrusted Sheila with my entire family along with some extended members. We have received great results in her care. Sheila’s knowledge puts her far above all previous experiences with practitioners of natural medicine. Despite my family residing in another state, I feel we still receive the quality care and attention provided by a good practitioner that meets you face to face. It has been a life-changing experience of health and wellness for my entire family.”

The Troupe’s, Mohnton, Pennsylvania

I was attending a seminar where Mrs Reed was speaking about her practice with children who had a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was fascinated by many of her ideas. A patient of hers from the audience, also a health professional, gave a testimonial about his cured cat allergy. My adult son had an undiagnosed cat allergy throughout his childhood. We hardly knew about it and we always had 2 cats. When he returned from only one semester away at college, he had a severe reaction to our house that turned out to be a cat allergy. We participated in medical treatment with specialists for 4 years through his college years. After this seminar, I made an appointment with Mrs Reed. She instructed us to bring clippings from both cats’ hair and Q-tip swabbings of their mouth. I was very excited (I am a health professional educated on the West Coast where many forms of homeopathy are examined). My son is an East Coast science type who is highly skeptical of many forms of alternative health. He participated in Mrs. Reed’s program and experienced immediate relief. The program was a minimum of 3 months. My son lasted for 6 weeks following the program diligently. It has been since January of 2010. Not only does he not exhibit cat allergies, but he has had one asthmatic episode in over 4 years. Imagine if he would have completed the 3 months and continued with a sustained health program.”

Debra W.

I met Sheila Ring Reed through our common practice in pediatric therapy. I am a Physical Therapist. During our many discussions, I complained to her about a pain syndrome that I had for about 2 years that was not resolving. This was in October of 2009. I had participated with many traditional physicians, sports PTs and chiropractors who did not have resolving answers. At my first testing session with Mrs Reed, one toxicity appeared as Lyme in very high amounts. I emphatically told her that I DID NOT have Lyme as it was negative in all my blood work. She patiently discussed blood test v. energetic testing which I understood. I accepted her diagnosis and program. Before she started with the Lyme treatment, she prepared my organ systems for effective toxin elimination. Even with improved elimination, I felt my neurological and orthopeic symptoms dim. When she started on the removal of Lyme, I experienced immediate relief of the severe night pain in the most affected area. The chronic Lyme infestation with past treatments of antibiotics created stress on my entire body and mind. I had refused to stop my work and my work out as well as my recreational sports, so I was suffering injuries, fatigue, displeasure…. Over the next 2 years, Mrs Reed patiently decreased the Lyme to tested negative vibration. She reviewed other systems as well to return all of them to typical function without stress. Now, in July 2014, I have had at least 3 testing sessions spaced 2 months apart where I have not shown any stress on my body or brain functions. She has reduced so many toxins from my blood and organ systems. I work out in 2 hour sessions at least 4 days a week. I run, bike and ski. I am pain free and happy. I look forward to my sessions with Mrs. Reed, but can only discuss positive events as there is nothing to complain about!! Thank you!”

Debra W.